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Last Updated: 2015/03/22


2015/03/22 - New variant of TDR and TDR-P relays available, called TDR-T. This version has a maximum duration after which it times out. If you'd like something which stays on only as long as your trigger, or if the trigger stays on too long you want it to turn off after a time-out, this relay can do this for you.

2015/03/10 - New product: the LR, or latching relay, is now available. It looks much like our popular TDR relays, but switches between on and off with a trigger signal. See here for more.

2014/11/18 - The TDR, TDR-P, TDR-M, TDR-PM, TDR-MC, TDR-PMC, TDR-MF, and TDR-PMF now have selectable short and long delay ranges, so the 'L' variants of these relays are no longer offered. The short range is 0 - 2 minutes, and the long range is 0 - 30 minutes.

2013/01/17 - New variant of TDR and TDR-P relays available, called TDR-MF. This version is triggered by the falling-edge of a trigger, so for instance if you want something to happen when you switch off your vehicle's ignition, this relay can be set up to do this.

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